Help Me Knit…

On thanksgiving BabyLiu asked to knit. She can’t, mind you, and she generally doesn’t want me to help her. She just likes playing with yarn. So I gave her a ball of yarn and some needles and she went to town.

About thirty minutes of relative quiet go by before BabyLiu puts on her sweet voice and asks me for something. “Mama? Help me knit. Help me knit a house.”

Please note that “help me” in this context means “you do it.”

I think about her request for a minute. A house is basically a square, right? I can probably do this. So I agreed. She handed me the yarn and needles I had given her and I cast on. BabyLiu then proceeded to spend the rest of the project critiquing the pattern I was making up on the fly.

“Mama, where’s the door? They need a door.”

So I add a door.

“Mama, where are the windows? They need windows to see.”

So I add windows.

“Mama, where’s the top? They will get wet when it rains.”

So I knit a roof. The roof was the most difficult piece. I frogged it a couple of times before I got a fit I was happy with that I could make with the remaining yarn.

“Mama, where’s the bottom?”

So I set it on the table and said that was the floor. Problem solved.

Here is the little knit house with its door.


And windows.


And roof. If I had more yarn, time and interest I would have filled in the triangles on the roof.

The current inhabitant doesn’t seem to mind, though.



About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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