More Mystery!

Riding high off the success of my successful (and on time!) completion of the Summer Mystery Shawl, I jumped right into SweaterBabe’s mystery scarf knit along. I figured what the hell. I’m going to need Christmas presents in a hot minute here anyway. In keeping with many of her knits, this one will be light and airy. I took a jump into my stash and pulled out this beauty that was even one of the recommended yarns!


Knit Picks Aloft in Tranquil. Finding a set of US9 needles was considerably more difficult. I found a single straight needle and one DPN before I put hands on the circulars pictured. And after a single row I looked for the second straight needle again. I didn’t find it, but I did lay hands on a second DPN. There are simply not enough stitches to justify all that cable.

Aloft has mohair in it. You may know that mohair is the knitting equivalent of superglue. It’s not really a fiber you can frog when you mess up. I’m certain that’s the reason any time I knit with mohair my brain looks at what should be a relatively straightforward pattern like “YO, K2 K2tog” and turns it into this:


So this got cast on a couple of times and I have a small ball of unusable fluff in my living room. But, eventually, success was mine and I completed the first clue. Since I’m using DPNs and can’t really stretch this out, I’m not at all certain what the pattern really is. It is fluffy and soft, though! 😀


From here on I knit sloooooow.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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