Spinning Expedition

Today I trekked out to my all time favorite corner in Oakland. Why is it my favorite? There is an awesome burger joint (fried plantains!), a cafe, a cupcake shop and a yarn store. I cannot think of a better way to spend my day than wandering between these establishments.

Today I made the trek to attend a(nother) drop spindle class at A Verb For Keeping Warm. This time the lovely Miss J accompanied me. We took our spindles and learned how to use them. Mostly. We made very poor yarn, uneven and slubby, but, hey! We made YARN! And, true to my nature, I wandered out of the shop with some souvenirs.



A skin of Manos del Uruguay, a Coco Knits pattern (how darling is that?) and four ounces of Blue Faced Lancaster top to run through my spindle.

My over burdened Wreck It Ralph bag (plus four mini cupcakes for… the family, yeah. Family.) trudged home.

Much to my surprise, BabyLiu was more interested in my spindle than the cupcakes. (I checked for fever. Nothing.) She pulled it out of the bag and said she needed to spin it. As far as I can recall she has never seen me use it and the Cat in the Hat always shows a wheel when they spin, so I have no idea how she knew. It must just look like it needs to twirl. So I helped her spin it


We spun about a yard, taking turns spinning and drafting (pulling the fibers so they can twist). The yarn we spun together is slubby and uneven and I love it. Then Teen Titans came on and she ran off. Robin is her first love, so I totally understand.

It was fun. I’m hoping to get my BFL spun so I can ply that bad boy and knit something. I have no idea what.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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