Unintentional Hiatus

If you follow this blog (all four of you), you’ve noticed a lack of activity in general and knitting in specific. There are reasons. Right now I’m finding that the everyday activities of holding down a job, keeping my children clothed and fed, and keeping house just enough to ward of the ant invasion that is constantly looming is taking everything out of me. Lest you think Mr Liu is a useless layabout (he’s not. He’s better at being civilized than I am. By a lot.), he’s got a new gig that has us working opposite hours so I’m regularly with the kids alone. I love them, but they are gross, exhausting and have something against sleep. Bless Auntie R who regularly visits on bath nights to lend an extra set of hands. Point is, as a result I kinda end my nights with hot chocolate and @midnight (which you all should be watching!) because it’s easy.

But I realized something is wrong. Something is missing. I don’t feel… happy. I thought it was just missing Mr Liu during the week (which I do), being a bit overwhelmed at work and at home (which I am) or a combination of those. And it is. But there was more.

Then Anna of Mochimochi Land fame sent an email. You see, I’m fortunate enough to be on her list of test knitters. I like getting a sneak peek at her newest creations and the challenge of looking at patterns critically. It’s fun. Anyway, Anna sent a request for test knitters for a tiny quartet (a post for another day). I volunteered. I’m not sure why. The timeline was extremely tight and I’m not exactly dripping with downtime. But I did. And I found what was missing.

Yarn. Knitting. Making things with sticks and string. It’s my non-beach happy place.



About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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