A Week of Jam

And a wee bit of knitting.

Here in Casa de Liu, last week was a short week so we could enjoy a longer long weekend. I spent three of the four days making jam.

The local market was having an awesome sale on pears. 39 cents a pound. I bought ALL the pears. Well, not really. But it felt like it. Using these delicious, cheap, deliciously cheap pears on Monday I made vanilla pear jam from Food in Jars:


I wanted it a bit chunkier, but apparently the stick blender has the power to turn you into a mindless blending fiend. Before I knew it, no chunks. It’s a lot like going into a store with a yarn sale and walking out with three sweaters worth of yarn that way.

On Tuesday I made chocolate pear spread. I have a hard time thinking of something with chocolate as a jam.


The recipe is from Notes From the Jam Cupbord via Food in Jars. I may have opened one of these completely out of FIFO and alternated eating spoonfuls of it with spoonfuls of cookie butter.  The cookie butter may have suffered from a mysterious “disappearance” less than 24hrs after purchase. Also, I’m not allowed to go to Trader Joes alone anymore. Apparently, I can’t be trusted. Hmpf.

On Wednesday LittleBoyLiu spent all day crying after his shots. Absolutely nothing productive happened that day. I didn’t even watch Divorce Court. I LOVE Divorce Court.

On Thursday I made basil jelly.


The recipe called for 2 cups of basil tightly packed. That is a crapton of basil, let me tell you. I used about a quarter cup of mystery basil from the farmers market, the rest was sweet basil from our yard. Basil being one of the few things that really grew for us this year. Thank god for markets.

Friday I knit part of a dish cloth.


I’m knitting it up in Sugar n Cream cotton in Natural Ombre from the stash. That’s the first thing I’ve knit in almost two months. Felt good to take the edge off.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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