Little Goblin

I knit up a little gobblin some time after Halloween (I’m timely like that) from a pattern from Mochimochi Land. I’ve been meaning to knit him up for like two years now. So I finally got around to it. He’s a cute little guy:


He’s knit from Full O’ Sheep in auqamarine, which is one of my favorite colors ever. I have like five balls of it. It’s just so vibrant and happy!

Of course, I’m not so on top of it that he has his little ghost costume yet (it will be knit from the same yarn in Little Lamb). Part of that is due to BabyLiu claiming him as her own. (Apparently, he’s very fond of milk.) He now lives among all her other stuffed animals:

I’ve added the yarn, needles and pattern to the cardboard box (I’m classy like that) that holds my WIPs in the living room. The box also holds the sweater for my nephew that he has undoubtedly grown out of prior to it’s completion and a scarf I’m knitting for my daycare lady (not my fault it’s still WIP, though!).

So maybe once my mojo returns, my bright blue goblin will have a costume. Maybe by Halloween.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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