I Buy Random Stuff

I like knitting. Duh. As a result, I often buy really random stuff (particularly stuff on sale) that has anything to do with knitting or yarn. A while back I was hanging in a long line at Barnes and Noble (yes, I still visit actual bookstores, where else am I going to get my fabulous British Knitting magazines?) and I was amusing myself by checking out the little stand of silly stuff in those tiny boxes. You know the ones I mean. Write A Love Letter, Pimp Your Cubicle, Nun Bowling, Grow A Bonsai Tree. I saw the Baby Booties Knit Kit box. And I bought it for no good reason at all. I didn’t even bother check to see what was in the little box.

I got it home, and opened it up:


The box contained a ball of yarn, a wee little book, four ribbons and a set of bamboo US 4 curiculars. I’m super impressed that they managed to cram the circulars in the box. The needles included alone covered the cost of the entire kit. Overall, it’s a decent little kit.

The yarn is acrylic, which wouldn’t be my go-to for feet, since it doesn’t breath, but baby feet don’t really do all that much, so I can live with it. It is quite soft, though. The wee little book is one booties pattern in two sizes. There is a “girls” version that’s a little lacy at the cuff and a “boys” version that is ribbed at the cuff. The lacy one looks more interesting to knit, so that’s probably what I’ll go with. I’ll let the ribbon indicate gender. 😉

Assuming Kali lets me keep the ribbons.



About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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