Finished Baby Shower Gifts

Remember way back when I was knitting up baby shower prezzies for a lovely lady I work with? Way back in October? Despite the lack of posting, I did manage to finish them.

The first thing I knit  up was a Piggie soaker and bonnet set. I got the set from Knit Picks (cow and pig). Both knit up rather quickly. It probably helps that babies are on the small side. The bonnet came out rather well, I thought:

Little piggie ears and all. The soaker knit up more easily than I  thought it would. I’ve never split anything for legs before, but it was actually pretty cake. And it has a wee little curly tail! Easily the best part!

piggie soaker  

I also knit up a fancy little lacy bonnet from a pattern and yarn I got in my Simply Knitting magazine. I really do love it. I thought the little flower button added a certain je ne se quoi to the whole thing

I was sorely tempted to buy another issue of the magazine so that I would have enough yarn to make the matching booties as well. But, alas, common sense overruled my knitterly wants.

I also knit up a wee little owl:

Tiny zombie added for scale.

Mr Owl is knit from Lion Brand or Patton’s something or other. It was stash yarn that had long since lost it’s ball bands. I’m guessing they were wool or wool blends from feel and where in the stash the were living. The pattern for him is also from Simply Knitting. I omitted the googly eyes since it was going to be for a baby (or a dog, depending on who got to it first) and I didn’t want anyone choking on them. Instead, I added a squeaker. The squeaker I got from PetSmart’s web site. (I don’t see them on their website any more. I got them ages ago, so it’s possible they don’t carry them any more. It’s also quite possible I’m not looking hard enough.) It’s meant to be for fixing up a favorite pet toy, but I bought them for putting in knitted toys. I’ve found that very small children and cats/dogs like a lot of the same things.

The darling little girl was born around Thanksgiving, so hopefully I’ll see her in these sometime soon. 🙂


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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