I Love Yarn Day (Observed)

I have lost my knitting mojo. I imagine it’s somewhere like this:i


I’m really quite jealous. I’d love to be sitting somewhere sipping a colorful drink. But no. I’m cold, fat, uncomfortable, and  irritable at home. At least my hair looks fantastic.

Anyway, in an attempt to lure my mojo home, I’m going to post some oooooold stuff that for some reason or another I saved pictures and titles for but wrote no text. This is the first in that group.

So, I Love Yarn Day was on October 12, 2012 (we will celebrate again this year on October 11). My bestest knitting buddy Miss J (no, not THIS Miss J!)and I celebrated a week or so later by blowing the $100 gift Card I got for A Verb For Keeping Warm, one of my favorite yarn shops in the East Bay. (Let’s be real here, though, ALL yarn shops are one of my favorites), getting cupcakes at James and the Giant Cupcake and coffee at Actual Cafe. Yarn, cupcakes, and coffee. This is easily the most awesome of all corners in Oakland.

In any case, I easily blew my entire $100. And I managed to peer pressure Miss J into buying the yarn and pattern to make a really nifty hat with ear flaps and a fuzzy lining.

I wanted ALL THE THINGS, like I do every time I’m in the vicinity of yarn, but this is what I picked up:


Three beautiful skeins and a teeny bit of fabric. The yarns are: Dream in Color Knitosophy in the Princess colorway, Slick which is by Verb, in Super Nova and Proximity (also by Verb) in Indigo Blue Sky. Proximity is spun from 100% Californian sheep. How awesome is that?

I also got a remnant of fabric with the mustaches on it. I think it will make an adorable lining in a purse. Assuming of course, I ever get around to knitting a purse. Or finishing the two I have already knit. *hangs head*

Maybe I should post about all of my languishing WIPs to shame me into completing them. Think it will work?


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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2 Responses to I Love Yarn Day (Observed)

  1. miss J says:

    I feel like I’ve lost my knitting mojo also because I still have not started that hat! I do take out the fleece and pet it from time to time.

  2. mesha says:

    At least the fleece feels loved! LOL

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