Home Sick

I stayed home sick today. I had no choice. I’ve been coughing really badly for the last couple of days and one of the ladies I work with told me that unless I sounded better today, she’d better not see me. I don’t sound better and she scares me, so home I stayed. At first Darkness and Kali were happy to have me home. And then they realized that I planned to spend the day coughing. They’re sleeping in a sunny spot in another room now. I can TOTALLY feel the love.

I decided I wanted to knit something. I’m blessedly out of yarn and waiting for more on the scarf that I’m knitting for BabyLiu’s daycare provider’s daughter (yeah, I’ll pretty much knit anything for any one). It’s a super simple lace pattern but for some reason I can’t knit more than five rows correctly. I’ve been knitting on it for twice as long as I should’ve been due to all the frogging.

My brother and his lovely wife added a DARLING baby boy  to their little family back in October and I’ve been a seriously negligent auntie and have not sent the little guy anything. Since I’m home I pulled out a bunch of my baby patterns to find something to knit. I’ve found a bunch of things I want to knit. Like this darling little dress:

Or this sweater:

Or this sweater:

Or these leg warmers/ arm warmers:

Those are all patterns from The Expectant Knitter. And they’re all darling. But they’re just not RIGHT for my little nephew. So I did what any knitter would do next. I went to Ravelry.

And there, I found something that felt right. The Baby Sophisticate:

He’s going to be SO DARLING in this!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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