Halloween in progress

I’m still working on BabyLiu’s Daphne dress. Partially because I’ve only been working on it during the weekend during naps for the good lighting, but mostly because I was knitting baby prezzies instead (I’ll post more about that soon). But with Halloween breathing down my neck I’ve had to rededicate myself to this costume.

Yesterday, I was able to shorten the length and add the lavender trim to the bottom. It looks 100% better than I was anticipating. Though I think it is a smidge too short now. Michael Kors would ream me for the extra booty, but BabyLiu will be wearing rights, so I’m not overly concerned.


Today I was able to add the lavender trim to the sleeves.


I had a lot of help.


I also cut the trim for around the waist. I plan to use Heat & Bond to attach that this evening. I’m really hoping it works because the alternative is to sew it on and my seams wander like a 2nd grader writing on unlined paper for the first time. No one needs to see that.

After the waist trim, I’m going to loosely attach the green remnant I bought for the ascot to the neck line. I’ll also cut a piece of lavender for the headband, but it will take a combined act of god and congress to get her to wear it.

The end is nigh!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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