Piggy Soaker

I like knitting. I really like knitting baby stuff. Babies are small (despite their deceptively large heads) and garments for them knit up fairly quickly, so they’re quick gratification. Couple that with not having opinions on what they wear and you’ve got a knitters dream. I’m always happy to knit for little ones coming into the world. And if I really like you, chances are I’ll go a wee bit overboard. Which brings me to my current WIP that I totally started knitting without finishing the bonnet that’s currently blocking:


That is a soaker. Well, most of a soaker. It’s still missing the ribbing around the legs. It’s also missing the curly piggy tail its going to get. That is a kit from Knit Picks called Barnyard Buddies. It came with yarn and patterns for a pig and cow soaker/bonnet set. The soaker was super easy to knit up and the bonnet looks like a straight forward pattern as well. The cow looks like a wee bit more work since it involves intarsia. The lady I’m making this for specified “no pink!” on her registry. I’m working under the assumption that pink is ok if something is supposed to look like a pig.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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