Facinating Fascinator





A while back I wanted to knit something. Something small, quick and easy. I looked at the love seat which is (apparently) where I keep my knitting magazines and books to see if there was something there that would fit the bill. I popped open Knits for Nerds by the awesome Joan of Dark (who you should totally follow on Twitter for many cute puppy pictures) and found something that both fit the bill and warmed my geeky little heart.
I picked Top This, which is a little top hat fascinator that is a nod to Death in the Sandman series. I knit it up two, one is Washable Ewe in dragonfly, the other is what I’m 90% sure is Pattons Classic Wool in black. (The yarn had no ball band on it, so I’m basing that entirely on where on the yarn shelf I found it.  BabyLiu and both cats like to move my yarn around. I think they’re in cahoots.) I knit each one up in a single evening.

The next step was to felt them, which is something I’ve never (intentionally) done before. We also have a front loader and I can’t exactly stop the machine in the middle of a cycle to check on it. Joan of Dark to my rescue again. The resource section of the book had hand felting instructions. I gathered the required supplies.

Interestingly, the same supplies I use to strip BabyLiu’s diapers.

Hand felting involved hot water, dish soap and manual agitation. And is incredibly boring. I found that rubbing the knitting between my gloved hands was faster than just swishing them around in the water.

The only thing I really know about felting is that the stitch definition is generally obliterated when you do it, so I stopped when I couldn’t identify individual stockinette stitches any more.

Then I blocked the hats. Three dimensional blocked was also something I had never done before. What I ended up doing was forming them to the shape I wanted and then stuffing the wee hats with plastic grocery bags to hold that shape.

You can see the blue one felted a little smaller than the black one (which is part of the reason I’m not 100% sure what I knit it up in) even though they started out about the same size, but they’re both smaller and fuzzier than when I started, so I’m pretty satisfied that felting has been achieved.

The next step is to add adornments.

For the blue hat I have a peacock feather and blue netting. For the black hat, I have pinkish-purple feathers and I’d like to get some netting that’s a similar color with little chenille poofs along the edging kind of like this, but I haven’t found just the right color yet. Both hats will be attached to a little hair comb so they’re wearable. I would’ve gone with a headband, but I have a lot of hair and figured the comb would work best for me. The trick here will be attaching these things in such a way that the final product resembles what it does in my head.

BabyLiu doesn’t think much of my plan.






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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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