Strolling Solano

Yesterday was the first day of football season. A happy day in Casa de Liu. The downside is that means every Sunday, with the possible exception of the 49ers bye week, it’s going  to be just me and BabyLiu. That’s going to be problematic since I also like to watch football and BabyLiu likes to be outside. In the spirit of compromise (and since the Raiders play tonight), I took BabyLiu to the Solano Stroll. Which is basically a giant street fair. We had a good time. We say a dude dressed like a disco ball:


We had a fancy Pop Nation popsicle. The flavor was Bangkok Night Market. It was a curry flavor and really delicious. BabyLiu was bogarting it. Is it terrible of me that I got it thinking she wouldn’t like it? Apparently there’s nothing on a stick that isn’t meant for her. And now I’m wondering if she doesn’t like curry because it’s usually on rice.


We got milk and watermelon from Andronico’s. I understand the watermelon was delicious. I wouldn’t know because she didn’t share. They also had an adult brownie that was divine (not pictured due to rapid devouring). I don’t know what made it adult, but I wish I had brought one home.

You can also kind of see her new Capri Sun pouch purse. She was really pleased with it.

BabyLiu also road a giant rocking dinosaur. She couldn’t reach both handles at a time.


And K2Tog, my nearest LYS, had a booth with yarn, and patterns and a knitting machine for the kids to try out. There was a bucket with $1 patterns. That I only came home with four and NO YARN is a testament to my self-control.


Photo bomb, courtesy of Kali.

Overall, we had a fabulous time. Hope you had a good weekend, too!


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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