Orange Creamsicle Jelly


I hope.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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5 Responses to Orange Creamsicle Jelly

  1. Wawa says:

    oh that sounds dreamy! How’d this one jell?

  2. mesha says:

    Suspect again. More of a syrup than a jelly. Mr. Liu says it’s the same consistency as a peach rum jelly we picked up at the Farmer’s Market, but I think he’s just trying to avoid another do-over. :p

  3. Wawa says:

    Oh, that’s frustrating. Might make a good ice cream topping. Or brush it onto pound cake. Have you tried the plate test? Or are you going strictly by temp?

  4. mesha says:

    It’s excellent over yougurt, but I like the pound cake thought. I *meant* to use the plate test but the bubbling was so rapid and my pot (apparently) not deep enough, I completely forgot to. I’m planning a blueberry ginger for this week and I’ll be sure to use the plate test. I’m nothing if not stubborn.

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