Goodwill Score

I started a new job back in December. Kind of. It’s exactly the same job I had previously for the same company, I just work at a different site now. My new site is closer to a hippy grocery store (score!) as well as a fabric store and a huge Goodwill. One of my new coworkers LOVES to shop at the Goodwill. I like going with her to find her an outfit for whatever she’s doing that night. It’s like what I imagine hunting is like. You know, minus the guns, outdoors and having to clean your kill.

You know what I found on one of my hunts. Yarn. Really, really cheap yarn.


You can see the gold stuff was originally priced at $8 a spool and I picked those bad boys up for $2. The other three are random balls priced at $1. The grey and the dark blue feel like wool or wool blends to me. I think the teal is acrylic. I’d have to set them on fire to know for sure (muah ha ha ha). But I’m a lazy, lazy heifer, so likely I’ll just go with what I think. I think I have enough of the grey for a hat. The other two would probably be enough for baby hats. They would work well for small patterns on a hat, too.

Nothing like a successful hunt. Maybe next time I’ll get my picture with my catch like fishermen do. :p


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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