Tiny Finale

The last characters in my Tiny Christmas Series are here, if a little late. They are:

The Tiny Heavenly Quartet! Two Angels and two Cherubs.

The patterns are from Mochimochi Land (shocked, aren’t you?). They are knit up in Panda Silk (again, a shock I’m sure). But! I also used Panda COTTON. (I’m totally branching out.) The Panda Cotton and is the pink I used for their skin. I was going to make some with brown skin as well, but I didn’t have any that I liked for skin tone. So my Angels and Cherubs are pale just like my baby. 😉

You can see the Angels look considerably happier than the Cherubs. Probably because they have clothes on and you can’t see their butts. (The Cherubs totally have little butt cracks. Mr Liu found that hilarious.) Their weapon of choice? The Sword of Vengence. You probably know them as T-Pins. The question is, whose side will they come down on?

The tiny brawl:

Enter the Tiny Heavenly Quartet:

The Tiny Heavenly Quartet is on their own side. They think the whole fight is silly, so they’re going to beat some sense into the whole group of them.

The lesson here? Santa will use Christmas trees as weapons when other tinies don’t do what they tell them too. Snowmen and Reindeer don’t like Santa. Angels and Cherubs don’t take sides, they just beat up the whole group.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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