Capelet of Invisibility

On a whim I picked up a ball of Vanna’s Choice Glamor from Joann Fabrics a while back. I used it to make a cabled bracelet and some to embellish an unbloggable knit, but I had some left over. I trolled the Lion Brand website and I found the Capelet of Invisibility. It was a fairly simple knit on HUGE needles, so I dove in. You know, once  I found a set of US 19 circulars. Let me tell you, these are not typically stocked in your local yarn store. But, I’m stubborn and success was eventually mine:

The pattern (or at least the picture associated with it), indicates that this knit is meant to be adult sized. I’m unconvinced.  I’m not totally sure where I’d wear it to in any case. A Ren Faire or Medieval Times, perhaps?

I think it looks much better on BabyLiu:

Mr. Liu thinks I should make another in red so she can be Little Red Riding Hood. I’m considering it. Maybe one in green, too, so she can be a Hobbit. She’s short and rarely wears shoes. She’s make a great hobbit.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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