Only A Knitter Would Understand


Every Saturday Mr. Liu, BabyLiu and myself go to the Farmers Market down the street. This week while we were in line to buy ravioli. (Incidentally, if you see a guy who looks a little like Jerry Garcia and he’s selling pasta, buy some. It’s delicious.) A lady who was also in the line commented on BabyLiu’s hat.

She said “Oh my! What a lovely hat!” She paused. “I’m sorry, your little girl is adorable, too.”

I laughed. “I understand. Thank you!”

“You knit, then? Did you make her hat? Is that cotton?” She asked.

At this point, Mr. Liu has decided he’s lost me. He buys the pasta and, moves on to the next stand. The lady and I talked about knitting for a while. I never asked her what her name was, but I know she prefers knitting socks on two circulars, thinks cotton is best for babies and spins yarn.

I love meeting knitters in the wild, so to speak. It’s amazing that you can meet someone you know nothing about and still have this bond. Yarn is a wonderful thing.

The hat BabyLiu is wearing is knit up in Be Sweet Bambino Taffy in Licorice. The pattern is the one from the yarn ball band, except I omitted the bobbles. I have  a ball in Cocoa as well. When I knit up that one, I think I’ll put the bobbles in. I’ve never actually knit a bobble. It should be interesting.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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