Handmade With Love

Baby Liu’s due date is coming up kind of quickly here. Now that I’m on maternity leave, I’m spending my days watching Divorce Court and Maury, putting things away in her room as much as possible and knitting. Mostly while watching Divorce Court and Maury. I did finish up the OpArt blanket:

Please note the lovely iron-shaped mark on the blanket. Apparently, one should not block while there are cats prone to being naughty in the room. Darkness seemed to believe that the circles were an indicator of where he should sit. Very helpful when you’re trying to steam knitting.

The blanket I made is not BabyLiu’s only handmade blankie, though:


Her Auntie J knit the blanket on the left from Crystal Palace’s Mochi Plus. I know this because she kindly gave me the ball band so I know how to wash it when BabyLiu yaks on it. I’m not sure what pattern she used (maybe she’ll post in the comments if she reads this).

The blanket in the center is actually crocheted by one of my coworkers. I have no idea what it’s crocheted up in, but it’s a very soft yarn and feels like a microfiber of some sort. I’m betting it’s machine washable. I’d have asked before I went out on leave, but this coworker went out on her leave before I received it. If it comes into contact with baby puke before I go back to work, I might just give it a go in the washer.

It’s lovely to know that BabyLiu is so loved before she even gets here. Kali, however hopes she never gets here. She doesn’t want to give up her bunk bed.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Handmade With Love

  1. julie says:

    it’s this double-knit pattern from knitty.

    fun to knit but i think it would have been cuter if i’d made it a square.

    the op art blanket looks good! i can understand darkness’s attraction to the circles…

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