Impromptu Baby Shower Gift

One of the girls I work with went out on maternity leave this  week. As Wednesday was her last day, I wanted to get her baby gift together. Of course,  I only realized that she was going out this week because Mr. Liu kindly reminded me that if I didn’t have the gift knit up by Tuesday morning I was going to have to walk it across campus and up three flights of stairs myself. So in addition to helping the kitties and puppies this weekend, I also knit out of sheer self-interest and laziness. Thankfully, day time television is conducive to knitting, since you only really look up when someone is threatening to hit someone else with their cane. You know, in case they actually do it.

Since I did have several months of warning that my co-worker would be having a baby, I did actually start knitting much earlier than this last weekend. I’m not that much of a procrastinater. It’s just that the first incarnation of the sweater didn’t fit my stuffed cat it was so bitty. Seeing as I have never seen a baby outside of the NICU as small as my stuffed cat, I had to re-knit. Thankfully, second time was a charm. I don’t think I had time for a third go.

(I apologize in advance for the general crappiness of the photos. They were taken with my phone as my camera battery found this to be a good time to die.)

This is the 5 hour baby sweater knit up in the sadly discontinued Bernat Cot’n Corn. I really liked the yarn for tiny sweaters. The cotton lent a coolness to the knit fabric and the corn fiber content made knitting with cotton so much easier on the hands. The buttons on the sweater are super adorable little strawberries to add just a touch of color.

I also knit up the Lil’ Devil Baby Hat. I think it’s knit up in a Classic Elite something or other. I’m not sure. I lost the label that came with the yarn a while back. I had to default to “hand wash, lay flat to dry” on the washing instructions because of it. The red was way finer of a gauge that what the pattern calls for, so I had to do a lot of math while I was knitting. Frankly, with my math skills I’m shocked I got anything remotely hat-shaped. Clearly the knitting gods were on my side about not climbing three flights of stairs. I’m certain that means my next project is doomed.

This bundle of fluff is a scarf for my co-workers older daughter. I figure it’s got to be rough to be 3 years old and watch someone else who’s not even here yet get all these presents, so I made her a little something too. The scarf is a simple garter stitch deal (which, after my war with the Op-Art blanket, was painful) knit up in two yarns held together. The white is Cascade 128 Superwash (it’s so squooshy!). The pink flurries are from the Crystal Palace Fling in soft pink. They combined nicely to make a fun, yet functional scarf.

So the gift was knit on time and Mr. Liu was at work to walk it up the stairs for me. This impromptu baby gift came together rather nicely.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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