What are you doing today?

Today I’m going to help the kitties and puppies.

On May 20th, the East Bay Humane Society had a fire. It was really bad, causing about $500,000 worth of damage. When the fire caught, the volunteers who work there must have put out the bat signal or something, because they were able to rescue all of the dogs and about half of the cats even though the facility wasn’t yet open for the day.

Mr. Liu heard about the fire the morning it happened, but he kept the news from me for most of the day. Darkness had just had a bad UTI (he was urinating blood) and I had spent the day before crying because I was convinced that my kitty was going to die. He was trying to keep me from becoming upset. Considering the commercial with the polar bears on the tiny ice flow makes me cry every single time I see it, it wasn’t an unreasonable concern. (By the way, Darkness seems to be doing better. I haven’t seen any blood lately and he’s back to chasing Kali around the house.) After he told me, we donated $2000 to the EBHS. If BabyLiu wasn’t going to be here in a hot second (which I’m trying not to think too hard about – it’s freaky), we’d foster a cat, too. I figure we’re headed for enough chaos in the Liu House to make that reasonable, though.

The East Bay Humane Society holds a special place in our hearts. Darkness and Kali were both adopted from there and they are an endless sources of love and entertainment in our house. I mean, how can you not love these faces?

Anyway, this weekend Stash Yarns is donating 10% of all proceeds from sales to EBHS. I need some yarn. (Yeah, yeah, stop all that giggling. I want to knit something and I need some accessory yarn that does not currently live in my stash.) The kitties need help. Everyone wins.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to What are you doing today?

  1. jessa says:

    way to support the pets =) it’s amazing that they were able to save so many of them, they must have very dedicated staff and volunteers.

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