Mittenly Progress

I’m making progress on my mitten. I’m using some super gorgeous yarn to knit these up:


It’s Spud & Chloe in Anemone and Popcorn. Originally, I wanted to make the contrasting colors on the mittens blue and yellow (Go Bears!). I’m trying to subconsciously make Mr. Liu’s nephew a Cal fan. 🙂 However, my plan was thwarted when the store I went to didn’t have yellow. This yarn is a lovely superwash (good for kid’s mittens!) in and 80/20 wool/silk blend. It’s been great to work with. Which is good, since I’ve done  this three times:


That’s a mitten cuff. I think this is the second incarnation. People, learn from my mistake: If the pattern is fair isle, SWATCH IN FAIR ISLE! I cannot emphasize that enough. I swatched with just one color and the first cuff was itty-bitty. So I went up a needle. Still too tiny. The third time I had success. Don’t let this happen to you!

I’m really fond of this cast on, though. It’s basically long tail modified for two colors. The Island of Misfit Patterns has a good description on how to do it. My goal for the weekend is to complete both mittens. I have three things going for me that will help me reach that goal: 1) Mr. Liu is about to kick me off this computer to work on his paper so I won’t be otherwise entertained. 2) These mittens are for a 3-year-old. He still has small hands. 3) Tomorrow I’ll be camped out watching football. Perfect knitting time! Wish me luck!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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