Practice Mitten

Now that I’m pretty comfortable with Fair Isle, I’m moving on to Stage II in my preparation to knit one Christmas gift. I know it’s a lot of work for one little gift, but it’s gonna be soooo cute!

Stage II is knitting mittens. As some of you may have noticed, I am, at heart, a sock knitter. Also, I live in California and it’s never really occurred to me to knit mittens before this. At any rate, the gift I’m planning will need both stranded knitting and a mitten-y shape. Having never knit a mitten before, I went to and found this Training Mitt pattern. Since Knitty’s Training Sock is where I got my sock knitting start (and now look at me!), I was pretty confident going into this.

The main bit I never really understood when reading mitten patterns was how the thumb worked. Well, this is how the thumb works. When you get to where you want it to go, you knit on some waste yarn like so:

baby mitten 

After you finish up the finger parts of the mitten, you pull the yarn out voila, live stitches. At this point in the practice I was going “Ooooh, duh!” to myself. It seems pretty obvious now.

baby mitten 2

The side of the mitten you put the waste yarn on decides what hand it’s for (mine’s a righty). You pick up the stitches, knit the thumb in the round and you’ve got yourself a mitten!


My tiny mitten goes well with my tiny sock. I’ll probably keep them both around for a while. They make me kind of proud.

Kali, however, doesn’t understand why she, as a kitten, does not yet have mittens.

confused kali


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Practice Mitten

  1. Cleafpampah says:

    Fantastic story, didn’t thought this was going to be so great when I read your link.

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