Fair Isle Mania!

I haven’t been posting much lately, but I have been knitting. Mostly, I’ve been practicing for a Christmas gift I want to knit for Mr. Liu’s nephew. A lot of that has been practicing fair isle. I finished off the purple hat:

finished fair isle hat

Not bad, huh? Well, at least this view of it looked nice. I did mess up in two spots, but I think I was able to save the finished product. My first mistake was in the middle of one of the chart repeats:

effed fair isle row

I wish I could blame it on… well, anything really. But I just wasn’t paying attention. Worse, I didn’t notice until I was decreasing for the crown. By that point there was no way I was ripping it back. I made a somewhat successful attempt at duplicate stitching it out:

duplicate stitched row

It’s not as obvious. Well, that might be wishful thinking.

The other bit I messed up was at the end. Since the hat was knit in the round the rows are more like spirals and the ends don’t really match up with each other.  The chart was designed so that the ends should match up to make little diamonds. So I was supposed to move that bit of the chart repeat either up or down a round to make the pattern line up. I missed part of one and moved the other in the wrong direction:

effed fair isle end row 

You can see that center diamond on the bottom doesn’t look quite right.  And the center diamond on top is merging with the large diamond to the right. So I worked some duplicate stitch over that as well:

duplicate stitched end row 

I think this go at the correction was more successful.

I didn’t stop practicing my fair isle with the purple hat, though. I used the same pattern and swapped the colors to knit up this:

    fair isle ski headband

That’s a skiing-type head band, wide enough to cover your ears. Going into it I hadn’t intended to knit a headband, but the pink yarn kind of made the decision for me. I didn’t even quite have enough to make the ribbing the same length. This go was much more successful. I paid more attention to the chart while I was going and moved the round end repeats in the right direction. It’s a pity I didn’t have more yarn. It would have been a lovely hat!

Darkness and Kali don’t find fair isle interesting, though. Not enough yarn ends. They’d rather watch a tiny spider:

dk kali spider 2


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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