Knitting & Evangelizing on the Bus

As you’ve probably surmised, I love knitting. Love. I could talk about knitting (or my cats) happily all freaking day. The last week has been a banner week for talking about knitting with strangers.

Today three different people asked me about the sock I was knitting on my trip home. First a little girl, maybe nine, sat across from me and says loudly “Mom, what’s she making?” Her mom tells her it looks like a sock. The girl asks if this is true, I say it is. She studied the sock and asked all sorts of questions about it. Then she asked her mom to ask me to knit her some socks. 🙂 It was so cute. I told her that knitting was easy and she could probably make her own socks. She looked surprised, but then asked her mom to teach her to knit.

After the mother and daughter got off the bus, they were replaced by a mother and son. The lady asked after my socks as the cute little boy happily munched on Frosted Flakes. I told her that knitting is a lot easier than it looks and that I’m better at it than crochet. Then we commiserated over how poorly we each crochet. When she got off, she was talking about learning to knit.

A lady sitting across the aisle from me already knits and crochets, but she was saying that she thinks she could sell socks. She asked about what books are good and where she could learn. I gave her some yarn shop tips and named a couple of books I thought might help.

That is two potential new knitters and a potential new sock knitter. Clearly, I’m here to spread the word of Knitting.

In actual knitting news, can you guess what this is going to be?

bat peices


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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