I have successfully completed both 5 hour baby sweaters, complete with closures, and photographing Darkness and Kali in them!

The blue 5 hour sweater:

finished blue 5hr  finished blue 5hr buttons 

This cutie is knit up in Bernat Cot’n Corn in Water. I used Jessa’s suggested method of braiding little loops to hook onto the cute little teddy bear buttons. Symmetryand sewing apparently aren’t my strong suits, since I had to re-do the fastenings twice. I’m still not entirely sure it’s even, but I figure it’s close enough. Darkness was kind enough to model it for me:

 darkness in 5hr 2 (Looks happy, doesn’t he?)

The green sweater:

finished green 5hr  finished green 5hr buttons 

This guy was knit up using Debbie Mumm Traditions in Pine Needle. I used a hook and eye closure on this one. My issues with sewing and symmetry were more apparent as well. Really, I think I just need to contract my sewing out to someone else. Kali modeled this baby for me:

 Kali in 5hr 2  (As you can see, she’s perfected the WTF face.)

I feel very satisfied that I was (eventually) able to catch my cats and put the shirts on them without anyone being rushed to the vet. Hopefully I’ll be able to repeat this success when I take their picture for Mr. Liu’s family calendar tonight. Cross your fingers for me.

I do need your opinion on something, though. Another of Mr. Liu’s cousins is expecting a baby girl and I want to send a little knit thing. Do you think we should send one of these sweaters or do you think I should knit this for Interweave Knits Weekend? If so, what color? (Please don’t say pink!)

Darkness is glad this sordid affair is over. He found the whole experience embarrassing:

darkness in 5hr


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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3 Responses to Success!

  1. jessa says:

    I love your Kali’s expression, and I love that Darkness is basically saying “Come on mom, I’m a BOY!” lol.

  2. jessa says:

    And PS: You have got to knit that whrilgig shrug, for a baby girl it is soooo adorable. Maybe in chocolate brown or navy blue then they can mix it with all the cute little girl outfits they’ll get?

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