Knitting Black Hole

It would seem that my otherworldly knitted visitors left me with a reminder of their visit. A black hole.

This week I diligently worked on the back of my much ignored cables and lace wrap. I knit on it Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the Daily Show and Colbert Report. That is about three hours of knitting. In that time one would imagine that I made some good progress on it. One would be wrong. On Monday when I finished the back measured 18 inches. On Wednesday when I finished the back still measured 18 inches. That’s two hours of knitting with nothing to show for it.

In a fit of irritation, I took up with the Cal scarf that I started knitting last week. You know, when Cal was playing like they’re awesome. Not like they played against the Ducks. Stupid Ducks with their stupid unoriginal mascot.

Sorry. Anyway, I’ve made some good progress on it and it’s getting close to completion.

cal drop stitch scarf1   cal drop stitch scarf 2

This scarf is knit using Fiesta Yarns Campus Knits. I imagine that the Cal blue and gold is suspiciously similar to Boise’s, but rest assured it said Cal on the ball band. I’m knitting it up in a drop stitch pattern that’s pretty much this one from Crystal Palace knit up at a larger gauge with some clear beads on it to add a little sparkle and help blind the opposition with Cal’s awesomeness. The beads have slowed down my progress on this baby quite a bit, but I think I’ve found my stride with it. Oh, and I have a new rule about football knitting. No knitting things in Cal or Raiders colors while watching games in which I have an interest in the outcome. I’m trying to knit winning vibes into these guys, not a continuous string of curse words. If you saw the Cal game yesterday, you know why I was shouting a continuous string of curse words.

I hope the progress on this scarf is enough to pull me from the black hole of knitting.

Darkness, however, is unconcerned with the black hole:

bored darkness


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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