5 Hours My…

I’ve been ignoring the cables and lace top in favor of the 5 Hour Baby Sweater’s I want to put the cats in (and nothing when it gets hot, which explains the complete and utter lack of updates). Since the sweater supposedly takes 5 hours, I decided to time myself. When I finished the first one, I realized that the last stretch of knitting had been 4 hours. A quick count told me that even if I took out the bits where I had to rip it back, I was over the 5 hours. I’d never make in on Project Runway – Hand Knit Edition. :p

In any case, I did finish up the first baby sweater:

blue 5hr finished

This cute little thing was knit using Bernat Cot’n Corn yarn in water (aka blue) and this version of the pattern since my yarn was on the small side of worsted. The yarn was lovely to work with. It’s  67% cotton, 33% corn blend. That little bit of corn fiber really softened up the cotton and made working with it a lot easier on my hands.

I want to add a closure to it, but not a ribbon. If someone turns up pregnant I want it to be functional. I was thinking snaps, but the kind that require a hammer for application looks like kind of a harsh technique for a hand-knit and I don’t understand how the sew on snaps work. They look like they’re only half of the deal. (If you know how they work, feel free to explain it to me!) Right now I’m thinking a hook and eye closure. Maybe just a couple up top.

I also started on this one:

green 5 hr start

This guy is being knit using Debbie Mumm Traditions in Pine Needle. (The yarn is made specifically for Jo-Ann Fabrics. I’d give you a link but the Jo-Ann website isn’t responding.) It’s an acrylic, wool and “other” blend. It’s really soft and a little fuzzy, but easy on the hands and really warm (which is why it’s not finished yet). The color is less baby-ish than the blue one, but I really like the way the color changes happen with this yarn. Mr. Liu has another expecting cousin we think is expecting a girl. Do you think this color way would be okay for a baby girl? Or do I need to knit something else?

The only think I don’t really like about the yarn is this:

green slubby yarn

You see what looks like a tangle in the yarn? It’s not a knot. There’s black fiber running through the center of the yarn that the colors are wrapped around. The outer fibers have a tendency to bunch up, so I had to keep sliding them down every time I pulled out more yarn. Not an insurmountable problem, but it was super annoying.

I’m very close to done! I can’t wait to put the cats in these cute little sweaters! As you can see, Kali is very excited about the prospect:

kali and counter


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to 5 Hours My…

  1. jessa says:

    I braided a loop and sewed a button onto the one I made. How I hate knitting button holes.


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