My Latest Distraction

You want to know what the next thing that’s going to distract me from my already planned projects? This:

sweater cat  sweater cat 2

Those darling cats in the hand knit baby sweater are from Cute Overload. The sweater is believed to be the Five Hour Baby Sweater. I must knit this little sweater. I must put it on Darkness and Kali and photograph them joyfully wearing it. I have a pale green cotton blend that I think I have enough of, but Mr. Liu feels that the kitties would look better in a blue sweater. (I know! I’m kind of scared that we had this discussion like hand knitting a baby sweater to put on your cats because you saw it somewhere on-line is a totally normally thing to do, too!) Which color do you think would flatter them?

I’m sure this endevor will go exactly as planned. No one will be hurt at all.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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2 Responses to My Latest Distraction

  1. wawajeanne says:

    I personally love pale green and gray, but I’m not 100% on pale green and black. So if you’re going to go with one sweater for both cats then I think blue would be a great choice.

  2. jessa says:

    LOL! I was thinking similar to the first comment, blue for the black kitty and green for your tabby.

    Oh no, now you have to knit two kitty sweaters! I swear it’s a really quick knit though.

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