I am all over the place with my knitting right now. I’ve never been a monogamous, one-project-at-a-time knitter, but I just can’t focus on anything right now. I thought start-itits was supposed to hit in the Spring?

First there are my “planned” projects. I’m in the midst of knitting up the cables and lace wrap, just finishing up the decreases. Really, I’ve just knit enough of it to know that the pattern is beautiful, the yarn is the best evah and that I may have placed two of the decreases in the wrong spot but don’t care enough to rip it back. And of course, my traveling sock, the first of which I finished during the car ride to Santa Cruz on Saturday. Except I messed up grafting the toe (I was trying to do it from memory), so that needs to be redone and the second sock cast on before I find something more entertaining and portable to knit. (I actually had to read on the bus this morning. What’s that about?) And all those beads I strung for a little purse? I picked up a new box (of which I need five – but I’m not bitter at all about that), so now the project sits in a little plastic bowl with beads strung and needles waiting. And waiting…

Then there are my “unplanned” projects. I picked up some (new) blue and gold yarn. And some clear beads. And a pattern that combines these two things into a cute drop stitch scarf. Oh, and I picked up a hank of the Cascade Venizia Worsted in green and blue, which I plan to make lacy arm warmers from for my sister and my other sister’s girlfriend for xmas. Not to mention that I picked up a large silver picture frame which I’m going to combine with some lace weight to make an earring holder. And yesterday, instead of working on any of this, I went stash diving and picked out some cream and white cotton and some tan cotton and started knitting a baby bib with a paw print on it. Why? Because I wanted to see if I could knit the paw print and it seemed like a waste if it didn’t go on something.

Worst of all, everything from both catagories is currently sitting in my living room. It’s a wonder Mr. Liu hasn’t said anything about it. Perhaps my efforts at making him yarn-blind are finally starting to pay off.

Photos will follow just as soon as I figure out how to get them off my new camera.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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