For a Tiny Cal Fan

I finished my tiny Cal socks over the weekend as well. They’ll look cute on tiny bear-backer feet:

baby cal socks  baby cal socks 2 

I knit them up with little eyelets in them, you know, to keep it interesting. The funny thing is, I knit up a pair of tiny socks from this pattern’s brother (this one is the “girl” pattern – I suppose the holes are more feminine in pink) back when I was new to sock knitting and double pointed needles. Back before I knew that some knitters are afraid of turning heels and double pointed needles. I didn’t know enough to be scared. Anyway, I knit up a tiny pair of 3 month old socks and it took me a month. It’s crazy to think about how slow I was just two years ago. This little pair with no real destination or purpose (I just didn’t want to knit a new gauge swatch or get more yarn) took about a week of just bus knitting. That’s maybe 30 minutes a day, not quite 3 hours total. That’s just quick. And then I remind myself that babies have tiny feet.

I did start another bus sock project:

noro sock

It’s a *k4, p1* sock knit in Noro Silk Garden Sock in #269, cream, tan and grey. I picked the Noro up at a sale at Stash Yarns in Berkeley during the sidewalk sale. When I bought it, I thought the gently changing colors would be great for a lace pattern. The Noro sock is a heavier yarn than I normally use for socks and it disagreed with me that it would be good in lace, so I went with the simple ribbed pattern to keep it interesting enough for me to knit on for a while, but plain enough for the sock yarn to do what I want it to. I was going to add a cable down the side, but I’m a little slow with the cable needle and I don’t want to loose my notions on the 72. Bad enough the cats like to bat them under the sofa.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to For a Tiny Cal Fan

  1. Christine says:

    Cute baby socks! I love your Noro too – I’m like you and get loads of knitting done during the commute. My favorite patterns are the ones that I can do mindlessly. I highly recommend RPM for mindless, don’t need to look at the pattern sock knitting!

    LOL re. the cats and your notions…mine keep wanting to gnaw on my wooden dpns.

    You should break out your Rockin’ Socks!! Not mindless but oh so gorgeous! Plus….new one should be shipping soon. Gotta get you caught up!

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