Chart Keeper

Do you knit from charts? I love charts. They’re a handy, compact way to relay instructions. I used to hate charts. Hate.

One of the reasons I hated them was because they look confusing. I got over that pretty quickly. Written knitting instructions look confusing, too. You figure stuff like that out. The main reason I hated charts was because I couldn’t keep my place in them. So I cleverly came up with this idea:

chart post it

A long Post-It. As long as the row doesn’t exceed the Post-It’s length, it works pretty well. Unless, of course, you threw your project and pattern in the “you’re-pissing-me-off-and-I-don’t-want-to-play-anymore” pile. It turns out that the Post-It will come off. The other thing that bothered me about the Post-It, is how environmentally unfriendly it is. The sticky only lasts so long. If it’s a long chart the sticky will even run out before you’ve finished your project. No good.

So I set out on an Internet search for a chart keeper. I found one at Knit Picks, but it was out of stock for almost six months. I’m way too impatient to keep hoping for to catch them in stock (though now that I have an alternative, they’ll be in stock forever and ever). I found it hard to believe that no one else had ever noticed this issue. Charts are hardly a new concept, ya know?

Eventually, I came upon an etsy store (etsy often has that one thing I’m looking for), slippedstichstudios

chart keeper close up   chart keepers

It’s ribbon with two overlapping magnets attached to keep your marker in place. They’re freaking brilliant! I got three sizes, so I’m pretty much covered no matter the size of the page and I could use two at a time if need be. (Those of you who know me will be shocked to learn that I chose this pattern over skulls and crossbones. I was surprised too, but I stand by my decision. “Just One More Row” is a mantra I repeat often.) Now my charts look like this:

chart with keeper

I’m so please with my new pattern magnets that I’m almost not pissed off thinking about this pattern. Almost.


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One Response to Chart Keeper

  1. Christine says:

    Ahhh…very clever indeed! Needlepointers have one that is a lightweight magnetic board – you just put the chart on the board and then it has several straight magnets like you have above that you can use to block off certain parts of the chart.

    Friggin brilliant for sure!

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