Remember that little bit of crochet I showed a while back? Well, I finished it. This:

cake parts

Became this:

cake 2

I made this little cake for my little sister who celebrated her nuptials in May. I also embroidered her wedding date on the cake, but I seem to have neglected to photograph that

This little three tiered wedding cake pattern from Lion Brand. It actually crocheted up pretty quickly, or at least it would have if I didn’t have to start the round over again five times before getting it right. I made it as directed, minus the leaf for the flower on top, mostly because I don’t have any green in my stash. Yup, this was knit entirely from what I already own. I know, Mr. Liu was shocked, too. We went to Jo-ann’s right before I started so I could get some purple fabric (for my lovely friend to make a headband for me with), and when we were in line he says “I thought we were getting yarn for that little cake thing.” When I said no, I have white yarn at home I thought he would faint on the spot. At least he does understand that some yarn is meant to be admired in the ball and not knit up.

Oh, and for more cuteness, here’s Baby Phil:

baby Phil

There are two babies in that nest, but I was only tall enough to get a shot of the brave one. Since this photo was taken, the Phil’s have left our house. The bright side about the Phil’s leaving is that the  cats will stop meowing at them every time they move. It’s especially noisy when the little ones learn to fly. The Phil’s will be back later this summer, though. Bon voyage, Phil’s!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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