Rough Week In Casa de Liu

Last week was terrible for the two-legged occupants of Casa de Liu. Both Mr. Liu and I had fevers over 100. Mr. Liu additionally suffered from debilitating head aches and the chills, while missing two days from work. (He misses work so infrequently his staff was getting concerned when he was out the second day.) I additionally suffered from terrible digestive issues. I lost 5lbs last week. Seriously, it was all bad. We spent all week on the sofa looking at one another pitifully and arguing over whether Streets of San Francisco made for better healing than Divorce Court (it doesn’t). At least the kitties took good care of us.

sick mesha and kali

Speaking of the cats, the weekend before we got sick, we went to Berkeley for brunch with the in-laws (note to other non-parents: “brunch” to parents seems to mean “not at 7am” not “close to lunch.”) The place we ate at was near a pet store called Holistic Hound. While we waited for the rest of our group, I went inside and found these:

100% mouse

You see what the wrapper says? 100% pure mouse! How could I resist? I brought them home and handed them out. The treats are officially winners.

 darkness treat

I tried to get a shot of Kali eating them too, but she’s like a vacuum. It was in her mouth and half gone faster than I could point the camera. These treats are definitely cat approved.

Knitting content to resume shortly, no worries.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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