While I Blog

As important as I like to think I am, I’ve noticed that when I take myself off to blog, the household manages to go on without me, if a little differently.

The cats are often in the room with me. Especially if it’s anywhere near dinner time. They don’t mess around when it comes to meal times and don’t appriciate late kibble. Kali is a total snuggler. She’s usually walking back and forth in front of the screen and across the keyboard. When she gets tired of that, she’ll sit on my lap and purr loudly to impede my typing as much as possible. She’s very much a “Look at me! Pay attention to me! I’m so cute!” kind of cat.

kali lap 2

Darkness, on the other hand, only really snuggles on the sofa while we’re watching Stewart and Colbert (I’m pretty sure he can tell the time) and when it’s time for bed (assuming he’s not trying to pounce on Kali – Mr. Liu loves that.) He does, however, like to be up as high as possible. Anything raised even slightly off the floor is a pedestal from which Darkness expects to be worshiped. The highest spot in the guest room was the bed until Mr. Liu moved his boom box in to “help” him study. Darkness immediately noticed the new high point and took up residence.

darkness speaker

Unlike the cats, Mr. Liu takes the time I spend blogging and puts it to good use. He spends it watching old games and/or NFL cheerleader competitions on the NFL Network. Now, ya’ll know I love football, but I really don’t understand why (or how) someone would watch Superbowl XXIV repeatedly, knowing damn well that San Francisco took out Denver 55-10. It was a boring game the first time around, why would you need to see it again? And again? And again? I can only imagine how much old football gets watched while I’m at work. And the cheerleader competitions? Don’t get me started. Not only do I not give a damn about professional cheerleaders to start with (not even the Raiderettes), but I have no interest in watching them attempt to canoe an obstacles course in a pool or answer questions like “which team’s cheerleaders are called the Gold Rush?” incorrectly when the freaking 49er cheerleaders are sitting right across the table from you. I like my crap television on VH1, thank you very much.

greg thinkin

The fifth resident of Casa de Liu is Phil. Phil is the bird (dove, maybe?) that lives on our porch during the spring and summer months. Technically, there are two Phils, since the reason they come back is to have babies. And annoy the cats. Phil’s nest is strategically located so that the cats can see it from the front window. And they make a point of hoo-hoooooing loudly enough to draw both cats’ attention while they strut back and forth on the porch. They have taunting down to a science. Once the eggs come, though, the Phils are all business and just stare at you with that one beady bird eye. To be honest, Phil’s habits are in no way influenced by what I do. I just wanted to show you Phil’s picture.

Phil May09

It’s an odd hodgepodge of activity, but it’s home.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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