Mama’s Got a Brand New Bag

A while back, I was trying to get Metallica tickets for the San Jose show this December. Those of you who know me know I looooooove Metallica. I haven’t missed a local show since they played with the San Francisco symphony (during which I was in college and broke, so it’s not really my fault). I also have to be on the floor. Have to. Must. It ain’t a Metallica show unless I get to shove a big sweaty guy into another big sweaty guy. I went to buy tickets and all that’s left is the seats at the top of the second level. Tippity-top. Way up there. I’ve sat up there for Sharks games, I can’t rock out that high. Sitting up there and eating nachos feels dangerous enough. So I passed on the tickets. (Fortunately a friend of mine scored tickets to the show in Las Vegas, so I won’t be Metallica-less. When the date gets closer, I’ll be trying my damnedest to win tickets. Maybe I’ll get super lucky and they’ll open a new show?)

Anyway, the dispair at being unable to score those tickets was great, so I blew the cash I would have on those tickets on a new purse:

new purse  

That is my new Sabrina in aquavite from Offhand Designs. There are three things I really dig about this bag. 1) They’re handmade in Oakland, so I’m totally supporting local crafters. 2) It’s just super cute. 3) It’s a freaking Mary Poppins bag. I can fit almost everything in it!

It’s billed as a knitting bag due to the two separate compartments:

inside new purse

As you can see, it’s business in the front (lotion, wallet, sunglasses) and party in the back (that blue bag holds my traveling sock). I could easily dedicate the back compartment to all things yarny and I wouldn’t have to worry about the lotion messing up my pretty, pretty yarn (just my money).

The outlet I purchased the bag from had them on sale. So I got this knitter’s clutch as well:

  new clutch  inside new clutch 

That is the Traveluxe in Ebony and Ivory. Perhaps I’m just an uncreative person, but I don’t see how this can be anything but a needle case. All my dpns are going to go into this bad boy. Maybe the 16″ circulars, too. Maybe. That might over fill it.

Now, if anyone reading this would like to suggest to my darling Mr. Liu that for my birthday I would love a Zhivago Weekender in Daisy Mae or Ariel, it would be much appreciated.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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