Excercise + Knitting =


You know, I try to eat right and exercise. I want to be a healthy person, just like everyone else does. I don’t do too badly in the eating right department, although the occasional rum cake will lead me astray. I do have a problem with exercise, though. My problem is that I’d rather be knitting. A stationary bike would be an ideal piece of equipment with which I could exercise, knit and watch television (triple threat!) but for those of you who know me, know that my living room couldn’t handle a stationary bike. Heck, we don’t even have the coffee table in the right spot b/c it makes it hard to put the drum set for Guitar Hero out. So I decided to see if any of the equipment I currently own could be used while I’m knitting.

Dumbbells were obviously out. Dumbbells require hands. Knitting requires hands. No good.

Running was out. Aside from my cardinal rule of running (only if something is chasing me), I’d be liable to stab myself in the eye. No good.

Wii Fit was out. I’d have to put my knitting down constantly in order to change the game. No good.

The Wii Fit made me think of my step. That seemed possible. And it was:

knitting while stepping 2

(Please ignore my crazy pony tail.) Simple garter stitch and the yarn in my neat little bag, it was possible. I don’t know how much of a workout it was, but I wasn’t sitting still, so that’s got to count for something. All good.

My last attempt was with my hula hoop. It seemed like it would be possible. It was (mostly):

knitting while hula hooping 3 

(Stop laughing at my pony tail!) Don’t let the existence of this photo fool you, this is really more “probable” than “possible.” It was so freaking hard to make my hands do one thing and my hips do another. Apparently knitting and hula hooping are controlled by the same part of my brain. Even with mind-numbing garter stitch, this was too hard to keep up for more than a couple of minutes and I can hula hoop through and episode of The Simpsons without getting tired (I rulethe Wii Fit hula hoop games). In addition to my hands and hips inability to work together, the hoop presses down on the working end of the yarn every couple of seconds. Usually right when you go to pull for more yarn. The whole set up was awkward and gets a resounding No Good from me.

Apparently, I’m going to have to stick to knitting as a reward for exercise.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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