Guess What I Did!

Go ahead, guess! No? Fine, I’ll tell you. I did this:

sizzle swatch

That, ladies and… well, I suspect you’re all ladies. Anyway, that is the test swatch for the Sizzle tank I said I was going to knit and then blatantly ignored for several weeks after purchasing the yarn for it. (I’m easily distracted, sue me!) I swatched on three needle sizes, US 6, 7 and 8. I’m going with the US 7’s even though I get and extra stitch every four inches which will increase the size of the top. I kinda want to increase the size of the top since my bust measurement is between sizes. I’m going with the smaller size because I figure the top will have a little give. Plus, if the size up really is too big my rack might pop out and I’m not really into imitating Miss California.

Not only did I manage to swatch, I started knitting up the back!

sizzle start

*gasp* I know. Miracles, right? I’m still on the seed stitch trim, but so far so good!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Guess What I Did!

  1. Jessa says:

    way to be productive!

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