Another Day, Another Headband

Remember how I mentioned I was knitting a headband with recycled silk yarn in honor of Earth Day? Well, it’s finished.

clustered-lace-headband-2  finished-clustered-lace  finished-clustered-lace-2

My hair is wild, isn’t it? I’m growing out my life-long relaxer and I’ve more or less given up on combing it out (except with conditioner in it) or attempting any semblance of style. Out of my face is the best I can hope for. Hence the knitted headbands lately. (One of my BFFs is going to sew me a couple of scarf headbands in exchange to for dinner. I’m really excited about it! Currently, I’ve only got 4 headbands that I really like and I’d like to change it up a bit.)

I learned a few things from the last headband I knit, which I incorporated with this one. My head is 21 inches around where the headband fits. The last one I knit to 20 inches. Too big. I knocked 3 more inches off the length and it’s still looser than I’d like. Next time I think I’m going for 15 or 16 inches around.

Last time I also seamed the ends to each other, this time I used the provincal cast on (doesn’t the blue look pretty with the white silk?) so I could use the three needle bind off. While I was successful in connecting the ends more easily than I was with the last headband, it would have been even easier if the first row I knit had been purled across. Since the first row started in pattern, and it’s got this crazy K3, DSSN, P#, DSSN, K3, the stitches weren’t exactly easy to pick up for the bind off.

Oh, knitting, always trying to teach me something.


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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