Happy Belated Birthday, Darkness!

April Fool’s Day was Darkness’ 4th birthday. Isn’t he cute?


Let’s just say he wasn’t impressed with the festivities. However, in his honor, this post will be dedicated to knit cat toys.

I knit a ball for Darkness a couple of years ago. The pattern was from a kit and knit in the flat. This was back when I still sucked really bad at seaming (now I just suck at seaming). The results were not entirely round, but a fair approximation.


I knit another ball a couple of weeks ago. I just started knitting in the round and increasing every other round. The results are still not really round.

2nd-knit-ball  2nd-knit-ball-2

 It’s got three lines on it where you can see I made the increases and decreases. I’ll have to try a different increase/decrease next time. Also, I either didn’t put in enough stuffing to round it out or I knit too many plain rows. My money’s on the latter. This one has catnip in it, so Darkness was all over it. Kali was more interested in her pillow. She’s not really into the catnip.

darkness-with-ball  kali-with-ball

I also knit a heart with catnip in it. The pattern is from the Mochimochi blog. She’s got some really adorable toys on that site. I’m particularly fond of the Boos and Pundit Babies I think it turned out pretty well, though I probably should have used smaller needles or less stuffing.  Darkness seems to like it. He keeps licking it, so it’s perpetually gross.

heart-cat-toy  darkness-with-heart

Kali has a little octopus on a stick that I’m going to try to reverse engineer. It’s really quite adorable and Kali loves it.

knit-octopus  kali-with-octopus

It’s from a pet shop on Fourth Street in Berkeley. They’ve got a bunch of little knit animals. At $7 a pop without the bamboo rod, however, Kali’s only got the one. Maybe her grandma will buy her one for Christmas this year.

I’ve got a couple of cat patterns lying around for mice, dim sum, bees and sweaters that I’d like to give a shot sometime. I think the sweaters would go over well, don’t you?


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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