Baby Boom

It seems like everyone I know is knocked up these days. My knitting plans have been taken over by the pressing need to make something tiny, warm and soft for the new arrivals in my life. Hell, if I didn’t think it would be this side of stalker-esque, I’d be knitting stuff for the pregnant ladies on my message board. Instead, I’m focused on knitting for two coworkers and two of Mr. Liu’s cousins’ wives. (Does that even make sense?)

My first coworker goes out on maternity leave later  this month. I finished up some stuff for her. I made the baby a hat:

pointy-hat   larry-with-pointy-hat

The pattern is from Lion Brand’s website, which is appropriate since the yarn is Lion Brand Baby Soft. I didn’t knit it exactly as instructed, though. I dropped two stitches from the cast on and knit in the round. (I mean, really, why seam if you don’t have too?) Also, there was a stitch I was reading wrong. It says “K1b” and I was reading it as knit through the back loop, which does nothing noticable in the pattern, so I stopped doing it after a couple of repeats. Apparently, what I was supposed to be doing was knitting one in the row below. I’m still not entirely clear on the instructions given in the pattern, but lord knows I’ve got enough of this yarn and babies to be born to give it another shot.

I also made a Bunny Buddy:


Also taken from the Lion Brand website and made with theirVelvetspun. The interesting thing about this little guy is it’s the fourth little bunny guy I’ve made since I started knitting. It’s a really quick and  cute baby gift. It’s knit in one piece, which is a rather clever, considering the head opens up.  However, this is (apparently) the first time I’ve actually followed the gauge instructions because this guy took two balls of yarn and I’ve always had yarn left over from them. (I just checked the pattern, too, and damned if it doesn’t say two balls!)

I also made a baby bib:

bib  bib-fasten  larry-with-bib

I got the pattern from here and the yarn is Sugar-n-Cream Summer Splash (I was really tired of blue by this point). The bib is a seed stitch boarder with stockinette in the main portion. The straps have a little button hole on the end to secure it around the baby’s neck. This knit up so quickly and easily that it might be my new go-to baby gift.

The co-worker that I made this stuff for, this is her second child. When she had her first, I was still a novice knitter, but I knit up a little hat with bear ears on it and gave it to her. When I saw photos of her son in it from their trip to Disneyland, I thought to myself, “wow, I kind of sucked at this game back then.” But she was happy with the hat. She thought it was cute and it was the only hat she got at her shower that fit her son after the first couple of months. When I gave her this stuff yesterday, she told me that right before she comes back from maternity leave, her family is going to Disneyland. Her mom asked her if she still had the little bear hat for the new baby to wear then. Apparently, one of my first knits, something I look at now and know I can do better than, is the Special Disneyland Hat in her family. What is mediocre to one, is special to another, I suppose. I’m glad I could make her happy.

PS. The lovely model is Mr. Liu’s bear, Lawerance Tiggersworth the III. (Mr. Liu was big into Calvin and Hobbs when he was younger.) Larry will be modeling my baby wear from now on. 🙂


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