Things I Would Have Blogged If I Hadn’t Lost My Camera Cord Part II: New Yarn

Superbowl Sunday was great, wasn’t it? Pittsburgh won, making them the franchise with the most Superbowl rings. (Six! The 49ers can suck it!) What made it even better (for me, at least) was the sale at K2Tog. In celebration of Chinese New Year, they had red envelopes we could pull for a discount. This is what I pulled:


Oh, yeah, baby! 20% off my purchase. I’d love to say the discount influenced my purchases, but I’d be lying. I was already in the checkout line when I pulled the coupon. I’ve accepted that I no longer rule my stash and that I am now it’s loyal handmaiden. I’m comfortable in my new role.

The Malabrigo (delicious merino wool from Uruguay) was on sale that Sunday anyway. I look longingly at the Malabrigo anytime I’m in K2Tog, but never buy (too spendy), so this was a great opportunity to adopt some. This is what I brought home:


A lovely hank of worsted weight in blues and reds. I also brought home two hanks of lace weight, one in blues the other greens and purples. So pretty.

I also picked up a couple of balls of Crystal Palace’s Mini Mochi:


The colorway is called violets. I admit, I was first attracted to the drawing of the kitty on the ball band, but I brought it home because Wend Knits knit up a lovely sock in that yarn. I wanted to give it a try.

Remember how I was lamenting about how I didn’t have any solid colored sock yarn? (I am unnaturally attracted to variegated yarns, which is strange since I prefer my clothes to be solid colors.) I do now:

brown-sock-yarn   white-sock-yarn

Crystal Palace’s Panda Soy in Twig Brown and their Panda Superwash in Natural. No more excuses for not knitting those socks. Unless the excuse is that I’m knitting other things. That’s a good excuse.

Despite the fact that I don’t “need” more yarn, I really enjoy going to the LYS to check out their selection. All the colors and textures are just so wonderful to be around. I can’t help the fact that The Stash has used it’s woolly fumes to influence my spending.

Besides, I’m not The Stash’s only loyal handmaiden:



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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Things I Would Have Blogged If I Hadn’t Lost My Camera Cord Part II: New Yarn

  1. Jessa says:

    Quite the haul there, 20% off sure makes a bigggggggg difference on how much it rings up to be!

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