Two Sucky Things

I have two sucky things that I want to put out there, one knitting and one not. Let’s start with the non-knitting:

Kali, seen here with a plastic ring on her head, is apparently the modern day Helen of Troy.


She seems to have started a skunk war in our backyard that I can only assume looks like this:


The hand of Kali of the East Bay was ferociously fought for last night. If a victor emerged from last night’s battle, we are currently unaware. Kali continues to walk the house as a single kitty. What we do know is that they fought hard. We know this, because the house reeks. Badly. In fact, both Mr. Liu and I went to work this morning and it was commented upon. Mr. Liu had to take his jacket out to the car (which, itself, is a terrible little box of disgusting right now) because it was causing the eyes of his office mates to water in their windowless room. It was so bad, I could smell myself all day. You’d think that after 9 hours I’d be used to it, but no. The house and all of it’s soft furnishings have been sprayed with Febreeze, the air has been sprayed and the candles all lit, and still it smells of skunk. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get the skunks interested in the cat across the street, I would love to hear it.

Stupid skunks.

And the knitting:

As you may know, I’ve been knitting my Cal Monkey socks since the Big Game of 2007. Yeah, that long. You see, I came down with a terrible case of Viral Second Sock Syndrome which was complicated by the fact that Cal lost to Stanfurd in 2007. Finishing the first sock took forever, the second, though? I had to force myself to start, much less finish.

However, with my vacation knitting gone horribly awry (that’s for tomorrow’s post – it’s still to sad to contemplate) and all that gift knitting fresh in my mind, the idea of finishing something just for me was irresistible. Having the first week of the year off from work didn’t hurt either. I mean, how can you watch Divorce Court and Maury without knitting in your hands? (I’m just as likely to throw the remote at the television when some guy who’s  been with this girl for years and has denied being the father of all six of her children as they were born only to be proved that they were all his. Knitting is a lot less damaging for the television. This is also why I knit during football. Being a Raiders fan is hard.)

In any case, the first sock now has its mate:


As you can see (or maybe you can’t, that’s a pretty bad picture), they don’t match.

I didn’t expect them to be identical twins. The variegated yarn pretty much assures that won’t happen. I’m okay with that. But they’re not even fraternal twins. They’re siblings born a year apart. Clearly related but not at all the same. I’m not making this up. The one on the left is about 5 cm longer in the leg that than it’s mate. The one on the right has more stockinette in the toe than it’s mate. Now, I suspect I read the toe decreases incorrectly on the first sock, which is why the toe is so much shorter, but I’m at a complete loss as to how the one ended up being so much longer in the leg when they (supposedly) have the same number of pattern repeats.

The toe, I would probably forgive, since it will be hidden in a shoe most of the time. The length of the leg, though, I just can’t ignore. (Trust me, I tried. I wanted to find it charmingly quirky or whatever, but I only find it irritating.) So what do I do? I think I’ll unravel it and begin a new. If I’m lucky, I’ll be finished before the Big Game 2009. And that the socks will match. Mostly.

Stupid sock.


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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