Favorite Xmas Gift

Xmas was great. Lying on the beach, enjoying the warm, eating shave ice… But I’m not talking Hawaii. Before we left, we had Xmas with Mr. Liu’s parents. There I got one of the best gifts a knitter can get, something I’ve wanted since I discovered that good yarn usually comes in hanks, not balls or skeins. I  got this:

ball-winder   ball-winder-and-yarn-cake

A ball winder. This thing is so much fun! When I first set it up I wound three cakes (it doesn’t really make anything resembling a ball) one right after the other. Either this is a great form of entertainment or I’m really easily amused. Maybe both.

Now, I know every LYS (local yarn shop) has a ball winder and they are more than happy to wind any yarn you buy. I never do this, though. Part of the reason sometimes the place is hoppin’ and I don’t want to take up their time. Usually, though, it’s not because I’m that altruistic. It’s usually because I’m buying yarn that I think is pretty and I feel must come home with me, but I don’t have any particular use for at the time. You don’t want to wind this yarn, you’ll just loose the ball band, forget what it’s made of and have to use the fire test to figure it out (and I really have no business playing with fire). When stashing, it’s best to keep the skein as it came, if at all possible.

Buying yarn without a specific purpose in mind may sound like impulse buying and poor fiscal responsibility (especially since you have to pick up enough for whatever you may make with it), but it’s quite the opposite. Stashing during a good economy is the most fiscally responsible thing a knitter can do. This way, when bad times hit and money is tight, you’re not reduced to buying ugly, unwanted sweaters from Goodwill for $1 and unraveling them so that you have yarn with which to knit. Knitting is a stress relievingactivity. Not knowing where your next scarf will come from is not a relaxing place to be. A responsible knitter stashes whenever possible so she isn’t reduced to knitting with chunky neon orange acrylic that hasn’t been produced since the 80’s because it’s a fire hazard that she got from the Salvation Army for $1/lb. My sash is growing as such a rate, that when I retire and am on a fixed income, I’ll have gone SABLE (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy). My goal is to be never not knitting. My grandchildren will be bequeathed my stash.

Laugh now and call me paranoid. We’ll see who’s laughing when I’m flat broke but knitting with cashmere and you’ve got scratchy acrylic yarn from the 70’s!


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Favorite Xmas Gift

  1. Jessa says:

    finished my ribs and ruffles scarf! Thank you for encouraging me to do it, I love love love the pattern. =)

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