Happy New Year!


Hope ya’ll had a great couple of weeks. Hawaii was wonderful. I wanted to go back just as soon as we got on the plane to leave. I have photos to share if any of ya’ll are interested, let me know.

Like most people, since it’s a new year I’ve thought about things I can do to make 2009 more rocking than 2008 (which was pretty rocking, let’s face it). I’ve come up with two separate lists of resolutions, knitting and non-knitting. I give you Mesha’s 2009 resolutions!

Non-Knitting Resolutions:

1) Use the Wii Fit daily to at least track my weight and BMI. (Mr. Liu and I are hoping this will shame us into working out more regularly and seems a lot more doable than saying “work out 5 days a week” or something that we’d break by March.)

2) Eat more veggies and less processed foods. (The plan for this is to hook up with a CSA and have fruit and veggies delivered to us regularly. Then we have to eat them and we won’t just be depending on buying them when we think about it.)

3) Suck less about bringing my own bag when I go shopping. (I’m pretty good about it, but I can be better. My plan is to get another reusable bag and hook it to the bag I usually have with me. That way I’ll always have two, so keeping them in my bag should be easier.)

Knitting Resolutions:

1) Knit something for my darling husband. (He has requested a classy grey hat and matching scarf to go with his new black peacoat. I’ll come up with something, hopefully before it gets warm outside and he doesn’t need it any more.)

2) Knit an article of clothing that is not a hat, sock, mitten or arm warmer that can fit an adult human. Sleeves are negotiable. (I’m going to knit a top this year. That is my big goal.)

3) Knit more for charity. (I donated two hats to a homeless shelter this year via K2tog. They said that they had received so many hats, scarves and afghans that the people at the recipient shelter were able to choose what they wanted. I have been told that there was joyous crying at having control over such a little event in their lives. I’d like to promote happiness like that more often.)

That’s what I want to acomplish this year. What about you?


About mesha

Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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