Metallica, Vacation Yarn and America

First off, I went to the Metallica concert last night (it’s like the 7th or 8th time I’ve seen them) and it was AWESOME. In fact, it was so awesome even the crossing signals went metal.


I had three escort offers, four people asked where Mr. Liu was (he doesn’t care for crowds), one person try to hook me up and I got to hug Robert Trujillo. Yeah, it was a great night!

Second, here’s the yarn I’ll be knitting with on vacation:


It’s Crystal Palace Maizy in Ballad Blues (the corn fiber is really, really soft). I picked it because it reminded me of the color of the ocean. I’m going to be knitting some little lacy socksfrom it, also from the Crystal Palace website. (I support local business and this one is actually located in my town, not just really close to it!) I’m so anxious that I’m not going to have enough to knit on the 5 hour flight there and back, plus the 2hr lay over at LAX, that I’m bringing both balls of Maizy and a half finished waffle sock in green. And a book. I’m also paranoid that my Sansa will run out of juice (12hr battery), but without a computer to charge it with, I’m kind of stuck there. I don’t really think I’ll get that much knitting done, but better entertained than making weird knitting motions in a full airport terminal to the sounds of “Mommy, why is that weird lady doing that with her hands?”

I also finished the last piece to my PSS gift, the American Soap Sack:


I hope she likes it. Hey, since I won’t be around, let her know she can leave a note here or email me to let me know she got it.

I hope ya’ll have a very Merry Xmas. I’ll leave you with this little bit of Xmas shenanigans:

darkness-inspecting-stocking darkness-reaching-in-stocking  darkness-gets-toy-out-of-stocking

Note: Kali was sitting on the hearth when the toy dropped and she still played with it first. Little stinkers were working together!


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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