Radio Silence

I know there’s been a lot of nothing coming from this blog lately. There’s good reason for that. I’ve been too busy knitting to blog. I have used every spare minute. I knit on the bus, I’ve contemplated taking an earlier bus and increasing my chances of being able to knit on the bus, I’ve been getting up early and knitting while I’m watching the weather report, I knit around the cats. If my office wasn’t next to my director’s office, I’d probably be knitting at work, too.

This xmas gift knitting is not for the faint of heart. Last year I knit a pair of socks for my dad and a shawl for my step-mom. That was it. No stress. This year I was a little bit more… Well, I want to say ambitious, but I think crazy may be a more accurate description. You see, I broke the Yarn Harlot’s first rule of xmas knitting: Add nothing to the list. Of course, she didn’t post the rules until I’d already added to the list. Will someone please remind me of this next year?

In any case, here are the items I’ve completed since I last posted:


The matching eyelet hat. I really enjoyed watching the colors pool as I knit. I think it came out very nicely.

A grey striped hat for my sister’s boy friend (the black one is going to a friend of mine with a big head):

grey-striped-hat   grey-striped-jog

Note the jog that still exists (if you can see that – winter makes a decent photo hard to get) even though I was totally waiting for the color change. On the bus today, though, I saw a guy with a striped Dickie’s hat that totally had an obvious jog on it. Since that sucker was totally machine knit. If you can’t get rid of the jog on a machine knit item, how can I be expected to do it properly?

I knit my grandmother’s shawl:

start-of-shawl   front-of-shawl   back-of-shawl

(Ignore my belly sticking out of that sweater. I know it’s too small. It was laundry day, what do you want?)

US 17 needles. I could take out an army of vampires with those suckers. I feel like a little kid when I use them, there’s just no way to use them gracefully. Or quickly.

The shawl is all garter stitch in a triangle, increasing two stitches every other row. It took all freaking day Sunday to finish up, but I was determined. My resolve wavered, though, when I finished the triangle and was faced with adding the fringe. The fringe was really close to not making onto the finished item. I’m glad I pushed through, though. It looks much better with fringe. The yarn isn’t as sparkly as I first thought, but it’s still really pretty.

I made a dishcloth for my step-mom:


The Praying Hands dishcloth. I think she’ll like the motif (she’s pretty religious) and I know she’ll appreciate the gift, as well as the time and effort that went into it. I don’t know if she’ll use it though. Let me just tell ya’ll, though. Hand knit cotton dishcloths work wonders and don’t scratch up your pans. Also, they last way longer than sponges do. If you don’t believe me, I’ll send you one and you let me know if you agree.

And this is the first half of my last xmas project:


That is the Spa Cloth from this month’s Creative Knitting. The cloth is a 2×1 rib pattern with a row of knit breaking up the rib every 4 rows (for the scrubby quality) and a garter stitch border. As you can see, it’s red, white and blue. (At least it should be red, white and blue. Winter lighting is not my friend.) An American Spa Cloth, if you will. An American Soap Sack will be following soon. It’s for this xmas’ Political Secret Santa. My recipient will be able to wake up loving America every day. She, of course, will receive some other stuff, but I don’t want to show it in case she reads this.

(ETA: Actually reading the article next to the pattern tells me that this broken ribbing is called a waffle stitch. It’s amazing what you learn when you don’t skip over the articles!)

After the Soap Sack, I’m going back to socks. I need some light knitting for our trip to Hawaii next week!

Jealous, ain’t ya?


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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  1. Jessa says:

    jealous? that’s mild. LOL.

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