Thankful for Thanksgiving

And all the time I got to spend with Mr. Liu over the long weekend. Having just the one day off together sucks. I’m also thankful for all the CSI we watched (about three weeks worth), that allowed me to get all this knitting done!

I got a ton of knitting done over this four day weekend. I finished up the basket weave scarf and hat set, seen here on my charming model:


I finished this lovely eyelet scarf, knit in Lorna’s Laces colorway River:

eyelit-scarf   eyelit-scarf-close-up

I like the pattern, though lord knows by the time I was halfway done with the scarf I was so over the pattern. Aside from being a dull pattern after you’ve knit two feet of it, my biggest complaint is the border. The border is 1×1 ribbing. Ribbing doesn’t roll. I’ve knit entire hats and scarves in ribbing. No roll. Apparently, if you put it next to stockinette, it rolls. Badly. The entire border on each side is completely hidden if it’s not forced out of hiding (like I did for the photo). I’m hopeful that means I can block it flat. Hopeful,  but not convinced. 

I plan to knit a matching hat but I don’t have the right circular needles (surprise, surprise) and I’m not a fan of the seam up the back of the hat. Not comfy. I turn almost every flat hat pattern I knit into a circular one.

The simplest pattern I worked from this weekend also presented me with the biggest challenge. I knit up this little striped hat for my sisters boyfriend:


Nice and masculine, huh? Anyway, if you’ve ever knit in the round you know that what you’re really doing is stacking a spiral, not circles. So, while the hat looks fine from the front, there’s a stupid color jog in back where the round begins. I realized it after my second color change, after which I took preventative measures. If you pick up the stitch below the working stitch at the beginning of the round and knit them together, you do a decent job of disguising the jog, so my last couple of color changes are okay. I attempted to “sew away” the jog, or at least disguise it, with the yarn ends. Here are my before and afters:

Before:  colorwork-jog After: slightly-repaired-colorwork-jog

Not fabulous. (It actually doesn’t look quite as shitty in real life. I couldn’t get the hat to lay flat. That white stitch that still looks really high is about half a stitch lower now.) Hopefully no one will really look at the back.

In the future, I’ll remember about that stupid jog. *sigh* I wish I found it charming.


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