Kali’s Stinky Boyfriend

My little girl, Kali (pictured here doing a face plant) has a boy friend.


I was unable to get a photo of her boyfriend, but he looked something like this:


Last weekend, around midnight, Kali, Darkness, Mr. Liu and I were in bed. Kali and I weren’t quite asleep yet when we heard a tap on the French doors off our bedroom. Kali perked up, as though she were expecting someone and ran over to look out the window. I got curious when she didn’t move, so I went to check it out. I assumed Darkness’ doppelganger was in our yard again and my intent was to shoo him away before Darkness noticed and threw a hissy.  Imagine my surprise when I lifted the curtains and saw a little skunk with his paws on the window. Kali was thoroughly entranced. Me, I squeaked in surprise, waking Mr. Liu. “What’s going on?” asked a sleepy Mr. Liu. “There’s a skunk on the deck!” I whispered. I was terrified I’d frighten the little stinker and he’d spray our doors. “How did you know to look?” asked Mr. Liu, who was looking more and more awake. “He tapped on the window!” “He did what?”

Well, Pepe came back Saturday night. Mr. Liu and I were playing Guitar Hero, World Tour (I highly recommend the game) with my “little sister” (a good friend’s daughter) when we heard a noise coming from the deck. Mr. Liu claims it sounded like wind blowing through a tube. I contend it sounds more like the noise we use to get the cats’ attention, more of a “pshhh pshhh” noise. Either way, moments after we heard the noise, Darkness ran quickly away from the window he was at. I guess Darkness was letting Pepe know that his sister would not be dating a skunk and Pepe didn’t take to kindly to it. That damn skunk sprayed our back door!

It still stinks when I walk into the house. Anyone know what gets rid of skunk smell?


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Hi! I love cats and I love yarn. Knitting and kitties are two of my favorite things!
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One Response to Kali’s Stinky Boyfriend

  1. Annie says:

    That is both adorable and gross all at once! No suggestions for the smell, but what a cute visual that post painted!

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